101 Martinis

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Well done book on Martinis with food pairings also. Good recipes – not the usual collection of undrinkable recipes for the sake of bulking up a book.

TITLE: 101 Martinis
AUTHOR : Kim Haasarud
PUBLISHERJohn Wiley and Sons, 128 pages
COST: $ 15.95 *
TYPE: Drinks Recipes
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson, SpiritsReview.com

 Kim is a well respected bartender and writer who specializes in fresh and quality ingredients in her cocktails. Her webpage is Liquid Architecture.

While I am a bit of a purist about my personal definition of a Martini (minimum: involves gin in some way), this is a very useful drinks book with a well chosen selection of delicious but easy to prepare drinks the ingredients of which could be found in a well stocked food store. Well chosen but not overly exotic ingredients make for delightfully fresh and inventive cocktails. Also reflecting her many talents she has very useful food pairing notes – which makes this book rather unique and useful at the same time.

A host of attractive photographs show you what the finished product looks like in many cases (nice reassurance ) The size of the book is also well thought out, 100 recipes so lots of choice without being overwhelming or TMI , small enough to carry, with a solid bindings (many bar books have historically been made cheaply and failed to survive both due to workmanship and bad environments for books). The cover and pages are reasonably stain/spill proof; altogether a great combination.


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