33 Bottles of Beer

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Nicely done and handy way to keep track of your beer explorations in an easy to carry, easy to read and write journal.

Author: Dave Selden of BS Brewing, an extreme home brewing and food group, in where else, Portland, Oregon
Publisher: 33 Books Portland, Oregon
Type: Tasting Notebook
Binding: Softcover, 16 pages, 32mo, 100 % recycled paper and Soy ink Christened as it were with a few drops of beer (detailed on back)

Notes: A very handy and well laid out little journal/notebook with a number of very useful templates both the usual demographics, but also Stats (sadly missing on the Whiskey Version), a serving type ( cask,draft, bottle, etc., ) and flavor wheel  to further document ( in a consistent way) a beer. One of the nicer things about this notebook is that it is small enough to carry around, cheap enough not to worry about (unlike that moleskine), and short enough that you don’t have to worry about losing a lot of ( albeit pleasurable) research . All important points with the other alternatives to this journal being larger, more expensive, and a lot longer to fill in. It also has start and end dates so you can track or index your finds for later reference.

Part of a series ( that I wholly recommend) that includes : 33 Pieces of Cheese, 33 Bars of Chocolate, 33 Cigars Tasting Notebook, 33 Cups of Coffee, 33 Drams of Whiskey, 33 Bottles of Wine, that should allow the diligent if self indulgent to map, graph, record, and document their explorations of these various substances in a precise and consistent way for themselves and for posterity – or at least their next of kin.

Final Thoughts: A well made and useful journal/research notebook for less than the cost of a bottle of beer A great resource to record your adventures in beer.

Website: http://www.33BOOKS.com

A well laid out and easy to navigate website that allows you to buy any or all the books (at a discount) along with links to his other pursuits. Well worth visiting for a few minutes or an afternoon.

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