A Drinking Life

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A highly readable persoanl and social memoir of New York drinking life

TITLE: A Drinking Life
AUTHOR: Pete Hamill
PUBLISHER: Harper Collins, 340 pages
COST: $11.19
TYPE: Miscellany – Memoir
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson, SpiritsReview.com

A memoir of both a personal type and a social one – how alcohol played a role in both his personal life and realtionships, and a sociological examination of how it was used in the New York City environs he grew up in.

“She poured an inch of Canadian Club into each of two water glasses. I felt unreal, as if I’d walked into a novel.”

A wonderful storyteller with an eye for detail and engagement, Pete Hamill worked for many years at New York Post. This memoir is a very good read that captures time, place and feeling.

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