Beach Bum Berry Remixed

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THE Tiki reference

TITLEBeach Bum Berry Remixed
A Gallery of Tiki Drinks 
AUTHOR: Jeff Berry
PUBLISHER: Club Tiki Press, Slave Labor Graphics, 248 pages, Illustrated
TYPE: Drinks recipes and reference
COST: $24.95
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson,

This book could be compared to the Bible in some ways – Old and New Testament, with commentaries. A combination of Intoxica and Grog Log, both classics in their own rights, plus a lot of new research, updated and with 107 new drinks to boot. It’s a tall, rectangular soft cover and is an extremely researched but eminently readable history and definitions section.

Berry manages to untangle, research, and decrypt, some of the most lost and opaque cocktail mysteries in a industry already noted for legends, secrets, and lost history. But unlike many books he tells this in a easy appraochable and comfortable style- like you and he were discussing it over drinks in a comfortable low lit place somewhwere warm.

Remixed should be considered the definitive Bible of recipes for Tiki drinks along with an inspiriation for further efforts. It has some bartending tips and techniques along with solid, sensible, advice on equipment and glassware. Scores of nicely done photos and lavish illustrations of the drinks – along with a wealth of interesting vintage pieces interspersed through out the book.

Paper stock is relatively resistant to spills,smear and the usual abuse a bar and cookbook undergoes (thoughtful touch, there). As close to the Bible for the Tiki novice to get started with or for the more advanced Tiki practitioner looking for new or variations on recipes.

As highly reccomended as we can get. If you are interested in Tiki drinks this is THE book on Tiki so far (until Berry writes another one). ‘Nuff said.


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