Beam Straight Up

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Altogether a well done, useful and entertaining read about the Beams, the people, the bourbons and the legends.

Subtitle: The Bold Story of the First family of Bourbon
Authors: Fred Noe with Jim Kokoris
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons
Type: Reference
Binding: Hardcover, 12 mo, 206 pages, illustrated

Notes: As they say on the front cover the Beams are pretty much the first family of bourbon, with members of the family working for almost all the larger distilleries in the country past and present it seems and this is a great history of how this came to be for a start. There then follows a rather entertaining story of the life of Fred Noe himself. The book then goes on to chronicle the history of bourbon post prohibition, the Beam company and it’s products in particular along with a lot of sound advice on business and personal strategies  on how to get ahead. Also included are tasting notes on many or the Beam Distillery products and a short section of recipes.
Altogether  a well written and great reference on the Beam family and the company.

Final Thoughts: A solidly entertaining but useful book that covers a lot ground, in American history and culture, reference on whiskey and Jim Beam products in particular, business, brand ambassadorship ( and some of you thought it was easy !), and a fair amount on life, philosophy ( or at least how to live life) and some recipes both cocktail and food for good measure .

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