Booze For Babes

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Don’t let the title fool you- A great reference for anyone who wants to learn about booze !

Title: Booze for Babes

Subtitle : The Smart Woman’s Guide To Drinking Spirits Right
Author : Kayleigh Kulp
Publisher: Hundred Proof Publishing Co. Washington, D.C.
Type: Reference but with a good number of well chosen recipes also
Binding: Softcover

Notes: Well I have to say I was completely wrong about my first impression about this book from the get go. With the title “Booze for Babes” I thought “Oh No, another one of those books” meaning a vapish book about either overly sweet and insipid cocktails, white wine etc., or one of those low calorie cocktail books. In short I expected some lowest common denominator book of badly written material stolen from the sea of equally badly written cocktail books for women whose IQ’s were lower than their combined measurements.
This book is most assuredly NOT.
Thoughtfully written, immensely detailed, yet still engaging and accessible this book is one of the reference books I would recommend for anyone of any sexual persuasion to read to learn in depth about spirits, drinks, ( how to mix , recipes, and how to properly appreciate them) and just about every possible facet and nuance of booze in its many forms. With well written chapters on many different spirits, how to select and drink them, home mixing and bar tending and a fair amount of history throw in this book is a very useful read without overwhelming you. Speaking of overwhelming there are good sections on bar behavior, ad ploys, buying decisions, and critical thinking for when you walk into a bar to order a drink or a liquor store to try to stock your home bar ( situations where many people get rapidly overwhelmed). This book allows you to gracefully sail through with specific and useful knowledge that is easy to remember and utilize on the spot .

I would recommend this book particularly for someone who wants an overall beginning yet comprehensive reference and start off their booze education right.

Final Thoughts: Buy copies of Booze for Babes and The Modern Drunkard and you will be well equipped to go out into the world with a good working knowledge of both spirits and deportment.


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