Drink and Tell

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An exciting, interesting, and eclectic cocktail book.

Subtitle : A Boston Cocktail Book
Author: Frederic Yarm
Publisher: Self Published (On Demand Printing)
Type: Recipes ( with some history and directory and map where to find the cocktails)
Binding: Softcover
Price : $19.95

Notes: An interesting hybrid of a book, it is both a both a recipe book of some very creative and delicious cocktails but also a guidebook on where to find the cocktails made by their developers in their ( the cocktails and bartenders) native habitats as it were. This I hold to be a very important concept as almost all things are best appreciated in their native habitat whatever they may be and if they are made by the creators hand itself it doesn’t get any better. I have travelled the world to do this, and it seems that Boston may have to be added ( for an extended stay) and much research. Indeed, I may need to be embedded into Boston’s Cocktail Culture to fully  grok the wisdom and creativity I encountered in this book.

The recipes are NOT the standard stuff that those endless ( and frankly tiresome) run of the mill recipe books that merely reprint the usual recipes found almost everywhere  but a complete departure – this is art in cocktail form.
While the book is somewhat humble in form, no fancy binding, impressive drink porn pictures, etc., the recipes are pure alchemical gold. Most of the recipes are fairly easy without overly exotic, hard to find, or very expensive ingredients. Also very useful is the recipes for all the various syrups

Final Thoughts: While a modest looking book it is a treasure trove of interesting cocktails

WebsiteWebsite: http://cocktailvirgin.blogspot.com
Actually a collection of writers of which Frederick is one. Highly recommended as a blog to follow if you like cocktails.

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