Esquire Drink Book

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A great reference for drinks especially because a lot of them while exotic were made in a time when there were virtually no exotic ingredients. Therefore allowing you to make a lot exotic drinks without having to hunt down hummingbird tongues for garnish or other expensive, hard to find ingredients

TITLE: Esquire Drink Book
EDITOR: Frederic A. Birmingham
PUBLISHER: Harper and Brothers, 310 pages
YEAR: 1956
TYPE: Mixing Manual
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson,

The book is broken into chapters on bartending, types of alcohol and spirits in particular, and of course, drinks. The drinks chapters are broken down by alcoholic ingredient (bourbon, gin, rum, etc.) or type (wine, beer, etc.) and includes some recipes from famous personalities of the time such as Bob Hope and Garry Moore as well Gyspy Rose Lee and Kim Hunter.

Full of interesting older recipes like “Appendicitis,” “Marconi Wireless” and “Jersey Lightning,” one advantage to it is there are very few exotic ingredients called for, unlike many new books.

Charming mid-century mono-color graphics by Charmatz. 

Very common to find, and therefore reasonable in price.

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