In Their Cups

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For the poets among us – even those who don’t drink.

TITLE: In Their Cups
SUBTITLE: An Anthology of Poems About Drinking Places, Drinks, and Drinkers
EDITOR: A. J. Rathbun
PUBLISHERHarvard Common Press, 114 pages, softcover
TYPE: Reference/Poetry
COST: $9.95 US
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson,


A. J. Rathbun is an author of a number of books on mixology – some of which are reviewed here on Booze Books under the drinks recipe section.. His webpage is here and has more info and drink suggestions.

This book is a very nice and well chosen collection of poems (approximately 53) that cover the subtitles range of topics in a thoughtful and moving way. This is not a collection of humorous poems and stories that are so common in this genre but a collection of images evoking, graceful poems for more reflection than humor. Poems that if learned for recitation and sharing, will be far more memorable to others than the usual rabble’s doggerel that is more commonly heard in most drinking establishments- much to our mutual loss.

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