Labels and Bottles of the Craft Spirits Industry

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Great reference on the micro distilled spirits labels and bottlings for students and enthusiast

TITLE: Labels and Bottles of the Craft Spirits Industry
SUBTITLE: A Renaissance of Production and Design
AUTHOR : Bill Owens
PUBLISHER: White Mule Press,  203 pages, Illustrated, Trade Paperback
COST : $25.00 US
TYPE: Reference
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson,

 The title pretty much says it all – a nicely illustrated  book ( in fact that is really what the book is , is a catalog of  the bottles and labels of the craft (artisan, small batch, handmade, etc.,)  spirits industry and a compendium of  almost every bottle and label out there at present.

The book  is an excellent reference of all the labels and a good number of labels and bottles for many of the plethora of brands made by our burgeoning craft spirits industry.  While it can be a bit workmanlike on some of the pictures (not a lot of atmospheric shots of glycerin coated bottles with exotic settings like the big boys in the industry go for with their products),  it does  capture the feel of substance over glitz in it’s straightforward, almost more ‘trade catalog’ feel than some shiny coffee table book.

It should be pointed out that the title is true to it’s word- don’t look for reviews or tasting notes in the book – they are not there. But in it’s simplicity and aesthetic it harks back to an earlier style of craftsmanship  and simplicity , making it not only a great reference book on craft spirits but a lesson in design and execution that  is not seen much today.

Please check out his website at: is also the place to look up the contact information for all those products listed in the book that you now will have to have.


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