Moonshine !

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Entertaining, informative, and a great read.

TITLE: Moonshine !
SUBTITLE: Recipes, Tall Tales, Drinking Songs, Historical Stuff, Knee Slappers, How to Make It, How To Drink It, Pleasin’ The Law, Recoverin the Next Day
AUTHOR: Matthew B. Rowley
PUBLISHER: Lark Books (Sterling), 175 Pages Ill. Large Format (Secto -decimo) Softcover
TYPE: Reference and How To
COST: $14.95 US REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson,

My only complaint with this book is that it ended. I thoroughly enjoyed each page and indeed almost every turn of phrase and detail so was said when I reached the end and had to read lesser engaging books.

Unlike a lot of other how to moonshining books ( the kind you find in catalogs that also have the homemade explosives, survivalist, and other how to’s of dubious and dangerous advice this is a extremely well written and thoughtful book.
It covers virtually every aspect of moonshining in a entertaining, engaging and informative way . While not exhaustive ( as the author said that would take over a dozen volumes) – It is well laid out and informative with great enough detail (written in a very easy to understand way) for any aspiring beginner to get the fundamentals and build their own still if they so desire.
There is also a refreshing section and advice on how to be legal rather than the we’ll show you how but don’t actually do it BS that so many manuals espouse.

Extremely informative, practical and yet entertaining to read I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in small batch distilling whether they get out of their armchair or not . By far one of the best books I have read on the subject for those who wish to learn the craft of artisan distilling. If you want to learn about moonshine, possibly make it, just drink it, or just learn about this book is for you , and will minimize your chances of ending up in jail, blind, or dead.



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