The Gin Dictionary

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A Truly excellent book on gin in it’s varied and multiferous aspects. Outstanding reference.

Outstanding book on gin in it’s varied and multiferous aspects. Excellent reference.

Title: The Gin Dictionary :
Subtitle: An A-Z of All Things Gin, from Juniper Berries to the G&T
Author: David T. Smith
Publisher: Octopus Books ( Both USA and UK)
Type: Reference and Recipes
Binding: Hard Cover, Octavo, 256 pp., Illus.,
Cost:$19.99 retail
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson, Spirits
Notes: We have read a lot of books on gin and reviewed a goodly number of them also. Not to mention had more and different gins than most people can comfortably conceive. The Gin Dictionary is a definite standout from the rest, with an indeed dictionary approach ( if not almost encyclopedic ) treatment of all the important aspects of gin, it’s botanicals, methods of production and styles, and of course what to do with it when you have a bottle(s) in hand. Also, there are a number of references to glassware, barware, ice, mixers of all types and novelty items tied to gin ( try to be sober when you hit eBay looking for these),
Nicely illustrated with pastel type illustrations and in simple and easy language, it also includes some reviews of various gins and some of the more approachable ( both in taste and mixing complexity) cocktails out there. Comprehensive without being overdone or pedantic.
Attractively bound with a green fabric spine and partial boards with cream boards and lime green stamped title and pictographs. The Gin Dictionary is printed on decent paper stock, high contrast and easy to read type. Yes, when you get older you notice these things more.
Final Thoughts: I highly recommend this book to anyone learning about gin and for experts to use as a fast if not entirely exhaustive reference to teach the young’uns.

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