The Scottish Whisky Distilleries , for the whisky enthusiast

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The technical reference on every Scottish distillery. Amazing detail and attention to every fact you might ever wish to ken.

TITLE: The Scottish Whisky Distilleries
SUBTITLE: for the whisky enthusiast
AUTHOR: Misako Udo
PUBLISHER: Distillery Cat Publishing, 480 Pages
TYPE: Reference
COST: 14.99 UK ( Pounds Sterling)
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson,


This is THE reference book on Scottish whisky distilleries, bar none, and is a required reference book for anyone intrested in Scottish whiskey. While there are a fair number I can reccommend with pretty pictures and intersting anecdotes or history attached, this is the book of hard facts, specifications of every imaginable kind, history, types, production figures etc. Nothing else comes remotely close to this tome in its detail. A fascinating read if you want to know anything or everything about a Scottish whisky distillery.

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