Vodka : How A Colorless, Odorless , Flavorless Spirit Conquered America

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Very informative, in depth analysis of the vodka phenomenon. As easy and entertaining to read as vodka is to drink.

Title : Vodka
Subtitle : How A Colorless,Odorless Flavorless Spirit Conquered America
Author : Victorino Matus
Publisher: Lyons Press
Type: Reference
Binding: Hardcover , Royal Octavo, 252 pages Illus.,
Cost: $26.95
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson, Spirits

Notes: A great read on why or how vodka is the spirit monster that ate America ( or could that be stated in the reverse?). While not an exhaustive read on the subject of vodka itself – there are a number of book out there especially for that – Vodka  is about the phenomena of how it became the dominant spirit in the United States after a somewhat shaky start ” it is hard to conceive of any worse cocktail monstrosity than the Vodka Martini, the Vodka Old Fashioned, or Vodka on  “- David Embury , 1958-  and an examination of some of  the major brands, and possibly more importantly the personalities and strategies that caused a seismic shift in Americas traditional consumption and choice of spirits to something that is now one of the dominant spirits in the American drinking culture. Entertaining and informative, it is well written and packed with information, observations, interviews and evocative descriptions of the vodkas,companies and people who populate the vodka world and how they all came to be. Anyone seeking insights into vodka, marketing of spirits, and how to bring a product to market needs to read this book.

Final Thoughts: Highly recommended for anyone who wants an understanding of how vodka and the people behind it convinced Americans to abandon brown spirits and embrace the clear. Website: The authors personal blog page with numerous links to both the book and to his other journalistic pursuits.

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