101 Champagne Cocktails

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A sparkling book on Sparkling Cocktails

TITLE: 101 Champagne Cocktails
AUTHOR : Kim Haasrud
PUBLISHERJohn Wiley and Sons 128 pages
COST: $ 15.95 *
TYPE: Drinks Recipes
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson, SpiritsReview.com


 Kim is a well respected bartender and writer who specializes in fresh and quality ingredients in her cocktails. Her webpage is Liquid Architecture.

Another delightful treatise by Kim Haasarud on a specific type of cocktail. Rather than coming out with a large, in some cases now almost Incunabula sized compendium of drinks Ms Haasarud has chosen a different path, breaking out different styles or concentration of drink types into individual books. In this one she presents 101 Champagne cocktails all of which seem to appeal to at least four of the 5 senses ( or all five if you listen to the drink which unlike many drinks will give you something to listen to if you listen carefully) Thoughtfully chosen fresh but not overly exotic ingredients and a host of easily found spirits (chances are you already have most of them) make this an easy book to use).

Helpful hints along with suggestions as to which particular champagnes best fit a recipe and more importantly sometimes which ones you can get away with a more modestly priced sparkling wine – add to the overall usefulness and utility of the book.

With many mouth- watering photographs to show you what the finished product looks like in many cases (nice reassurance) it’s hard to go wrong. Convenient size and good construction make this a worthy addition to your drinks library and a easy and quick book to consult.

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