101 Margaritas

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A Very Well Done Book on a Much Debased and Degraded Drink That Restores Its Image and Taste

TITLE: 101 Margaritas
AUTHOR : Kim Haasarud
PUBLISHERJohn Wiley and Sons 128 pages
COST: $ 15.95 *
TYPE: Drinks Recipes
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson, SpiritsReview.com

 Kim is a well respected bartender and writer who specializes in fresh and quality ingredients in her cocktails. Her webpage is Liquid Architecture.

One of the few drinks more bastardized and degraded beyond recognition than a martini is the subject of this book. Thankfully , Kim does not perpetuate the degradation with her recipes of her book but brings some fresh and tasty ideas to the table or bar. For far too long margaritas have been made with with buckets of plastic tasting mix and unnatural colorants and ingredients I wouldn’t put in the radiator of my car. Kim does an admirable job of showing what a margarita can be and should be.

Her inventive and easy to make recipes , while very varied in taste and color, differ from most margaritas served up at bars by using quality (but not expensive) and fresh ingredients to make a wide flavor palate . She also has a useful salt/ no salt graphic to help sort out those issues for each recipe.

A host of attractive photographs show you what the finished product looks like in many cases (nice reassurance of a visual to compare your drinks too) The size of the book is also well thought out, 101 recipes so many flavor possibilities and tastes can be found within. Solid binding and the cover and pages are reasonably stain/spill proof; altogether a great combination.

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