101 Sangrias and Pitcher Drinks

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Finally a Dedicated Book on Sangria

TITLE: 101 Sangrias and Pitcher Drinks
AUTHOR : Kim Haasarud
PUBLISHERJohn Wiley and Sons 128 pages
COST: $ 15.95 *
TYPE: Drinks Recipes
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson, SpiritsReview.com

 Kim is a well respected bartender and writer who specializes in fresh and quality ingredients in her cocktails. Her webpage is Liquid Architecture.

Definitely one of the few dedicated Sangria and pitcher/punch books I have come across . Too many times I’ve seen only a few recipes scattered across numerous books making this is a very useful drinks book that gathers a good number (101 of course) into one easy to reference book. As usual Kim has demonstrated both deftness and thought in her selections giving the reader a well rounded menu of drinks to chose from.

Good pointers on techniques , wines, fruit and other ingredients make for a overall recipe for success.
Along with Sangrias (which I consider a mixology art form in and of itself) Ms. Haasarud also (from # 56 on) covers punches and other shall we say, group cocktails that are made by the pitcher or batch rather than one at a time.

Also as usual the recipes run from the sweet to savory,piquant to spicy with a good amount in between the many flavor possibilities allowing the reader to come up with something to please almost everyone enmass ..

Nuts and Bolts: The artfully done photographs show you what the finished product should look like in many cases ( so you compare your efforts to a photo) and the book is well made and should survive many a sangria party.


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