Stirred not Shaken

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a waste of money except for humor at the author’s expense

TITLE: Stirred not Shaken
SUBTITLE: An Introduction to Wine, Spirits, and Beer
AUTHOR: Chris Seche
PUBLISHER: AuthorHouse
COST: $9.90 U.S.
TYPE: Supposed Reference with Drinks Recipes (see review)
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson,


This book is billing itself as a reference for people new to the industry. I suggest only people with a thorough understanding of the topics listed in this book read it for the humor value. There are any number of mistatements, false information or ignorance throughout the book. Absolutely worthless – a waste of money except for humor at the author’s expense. Contains only 101 recipes, most of which are undrinkable. Information in dated, inaccurate or useless- comments about almost every spirit is either wrong or too vague to be of any use. Avoid!

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