Baby Mix me a drink

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An amusing book, but who would trust a baby to mix you a decent cocktail ?

Title :Baby mix me a drink.
Subtitle : None
Author : Lisa Brown
Publisher: McSweeneys Irregulars
Type: Recipe,Humor
Binding: Board, Childrens type, 12 pages, illus.

Notes: A graphic children’s type picture book on how to mix cocktails. Notionally a book for children to be able to make cocktails . However it lacks enough details and children lack enough motor skills at that age to make a good cocktail, so I think you can say it is a humorous adult book suitable to give parents to be or parents of young children as a joke. You can however use it your self as a rough guide or reminder to mix the drinks depicted in the book or use it as a cocktail menu.


Final Thoughts: An Amusing little book to give as a gift.



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