Caribe Rum The Original Guide to Caribbean Rum and Drinks

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An excellent reference for those starting to explore rum.

TITLE: Caribe Rum
SUBTITLE: The Original Guide to Caribbean Rum and Drinks
AUTHOR: Robert Plotkin
PUBLISHER: Bar Media, 216 Pages
TYPE: Mixed- History, reference, and drinks recipes
COST: $19.95
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson,


General Review: An excellent book on rum for the beginner to intermediate enthusiast, starting with extensive history, a solid description of rum distilling and aging. The book then delves into many different rums by island, and the brands that come from each one along with tasting notes / descriptions. The book ends with of course, lots of rum recipes (about 400 including 23 Daiquiris and 29 Pina Colada recipes), a glossary of rum brands, and contact information for the various rum producers.

Slightly larger squareish format makes it an easy it easy to prop open for consultation while mixing.

While not a exhaustive reference on the subject (this would require a book the size of the Manhattan telephone directory), it is an excellent book for those wishing to get their feet wet learning about rum and covers almost all the rums from the Caribbean that you find in a well stocked liquor store.

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