Chasing the White Dog

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Fun reading and good reference.

TITLE: Chasing the White Dog
SUBTITLE: An Amateur Outlaw’s Adventure in Moonshine
AUTHOR: Max Watman
PUBLISHER: Simon and Schuster, 292 Pages
TYPE: Reference
COST: $24.95 US
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson,

A very readable history of both moonshine and the authors experience and adventures with it. While not an exhaustive, scholarly work on the subject, it still is a great reference and entertaining read.

Filled with history, personal anecdotes and experience of the world or industry of moonshine, it gives the reader an excellent sense of the history, dynamics and ramifications of a shadow industry filled with characters of all stripes.

Chasing The White Dog also examines the now legal distillers and the growing home distillation segment of the moonshine spectrum in a engaging fashion – including enough personal home distilling stories to discourage most except the most crazed from taking up the effort.

Nicely written , and a engaging read, we recommend it for those who wish to understand the fundamentals both in production and economics, of moonshine as it exists today.

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