Clear Thinking When Drinking

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HIGHLY RECOMMEND as a teaching tool for common sense for alcohol consumption. Should be required reading for anyone over 12 years old especially college freshman !

TITLE: Clear Thinking When Drinking
SUBTITLE: The Handbook for Responsible Alcohol Consumption
Author: Roman T. Solohub
PUBLISHER: Empenage Press, 144 Pages
COST: $15.00 U.S.
TYPE: Reference
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson,


A excellent book for young people especially- about how to drink responsibly.
Aimed at the college level, but I think however this would be an excellent book for anyone say 15 or older (although try to get anyone under 18 (OK, maybe 35 in some cases) to listen to advice). For those you can reach, it is a very reasoned well laid out manual / reference on alcohol and how to consume it without all of the usual results a inexperienced drinker will incur.

Alcohol consumption like sex, is inevitable for most people. The important thing is to understand the subject, its impact or potential impact(s) on your life, and how best to deal with it. Ignoring or failing to teach young people about either has never worked well and they will be exposed to it with usually worse results than if they were given some education and advice beforehand.

Rather than take the MADD or DARE abstinence approaches (which work about as well or worse than the sex-ed abstinence programs), it is a easy to read, very clear blend of information and practical strategies on teaching people (of any age) how to drink responsibly, preferably from the start.

With a foreword from Professor David Hanson who runs the excellent website:
and has a monthly newsletter that attempts to combat the anti-alcohol hysteria with reason and science.

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