DIY Cocktails A Simple Guide to Creating Your Own Signature Drinks

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Finally a sensible, methodical and easy to understand book on how to mix cocktails and create your own drinks. Highly recommended !

Notes:  This is very much not your average Cocktail mixing book, which contains hundreds if not thousands of cocktail recipes and little else, maybe a page or two on how to mix or techniques. There are I dare say 100’s of these tomes out there, many simple compilations from books past with little regard to mix ability, knowledge or little else. Most of the newer ones are almost as much fun and as engaging  as reading the Manhattan phonebook. This book is thankfully not one of those. Not even close.

This book is not one of those famous bar or celeberty mixologist books that take a page from famous chef and restuarant cookbooks that tell you how to exactly replicate a dish or drink to impress your friends with how well you can replicate someone elses creation.

No, this is a very much think for yourself kind of book that teaches you the techniques, ingredients, philosophy and framework with classic examples and gives you the tools both in practice and ways of thinking to create your own cocktails without using exotic ingredients, expensive equipment, and space intensive supplies and gadgetry. In short a damn useful and inspiring book that not only teaches good skills, but demystifies mixology and gives good rigor and guidelines on how to do it.
This book lays out in a very methodical but engaging manner the basic information, ratios, techniques and methods of mixology then teaches you how to take it from there from theory, practice, and on to art.
Authors: Marcia Simmons And Jonas Halpren Editors of

Publisher: Adams Media, Avon, Massachusetts 

Type: Mixing/ Recipe

Binding: Softcover , Large Octavo, Illus, 228 pages Also a kindle version is available here

Final Thoughts: Far exceeded my expectations as to quality and depth of material, in short, a must have reference on mixing drinks.


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