Genever 500 Years of History in a Bottle

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If you want to know about Genever, buy this book!

Title : Genever
Subtitle : 500 Years of History In A Bottle
Author :Veronique Van Acker-Beittel
Publisher: Flemish Lion LLC
Type: Reference and Drinks Recipes
Binding: Softcover

Notes: While there are a number of books on Genever ( all the different type,Belgian,Dutch etc., ) available in their native languages and a few others, this is the first book in English we have run across on this increasingly important subject for people who take their drinks seriously.
Genever in general and Belgian Genever in particular are largely unknown in America and extremely hard to find. Even harder to find is any written material on them and what they are about or what to do with them once you finally get your hands on a bottle.
This book is a lovely, well written, history and explanation of Genever in general with an emphasis on Belgian Genever both as a spirit and also the broader social history it has in Belgian society.Overall it makes for a fascinating read, describing the origins of the various types and subtypes of genever, its ingredients, production, distillation, consumption ( with a recipe section also) and its social history. One of the more fascinating revelations is about the setbacks and long prohibitions that beset the industry and how these same prohibitions gave birth to the flowering of the Belgian beer industry.
Full of history, facts and descriptions, the book at the same time is still immensely readable and entertaining. It is almost like the author is telling you the story rather than a dry recitation of facts, It is a long overdue reference for this much over looked and under appreciated spirit.

Final Thoughts: The best book on Genever in general we have ever read, and the only one on Belgian Genever we know of. A MUST have book in your spirits library if you are at all interested in gin, genever and where it all began….


A well laid out and straightforward website. While not deep on information and photos, it does present all of its important information quickly and without fuss. Also lists all the available Genevers and where you can buy them.

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