How to Booze and Other Unsound Advice

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Guidance on drowning whatever it is and recipes for same.

TITLE: How to Booze and Other Unsound Advice
SUBTITLE: The Right Drink for Every Situation
AUTHOR: Jordan Kaye & Marshall Altier
PUBLISHER: Harper 190 pages, Illus.
TYPE: Reference/Guidance and Drinks Recipes
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REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson,


This is book provides planning and lifestyle advice/guidance for almost all drinking/social situations you may encounter and on deportment, behavior, etiquette and outlook for same along with the pairing or accompaniment of an appropriate drink by ingredients, name, and effect. But as they say in the title unsound advice – hilarious, amusing yes – and full of the kinds of insights that only otherwise would be learned from say, Charles Bukowski, Ernest Hemingway and maybe the Marquis De Sade .
It also has roughly 128 outstanding and well chosen cocktail recipes that are all delicious and useful for the situations they write about or any other time for enjoyment, relaxation and enjoyment.

Somewhat reminiscent of Modern Drunkard ( the book) in terms of equal doses of highly useful information and a lot of laughs.Take the advice with a large grain of salt but not the cocktails – unless it is called for in the recipe – and enjoy!

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