Kindred Spirits 2

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TITLE: Kindred Spirits 2
AUTHOR: Paul Pacult
PUBLISHER: Spirits Journal, Inc, 644 pages
COST: $50.00 U.S.
TYPE: Reference and Review/Tasting Guide
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson,



Easily the largest and most comprehensive collection of reviews and commentaries of distilled spirits in the world and certainly the latest. In 1997, Paul came out with Kindred Spirits, which covered distilled spirits and fortified wine, and was one of the few guides available at the time.

Now, 10 years later, he has come out with Kindred Spirits 2, a compilation of all his reviews (2,400) of distilled spirits from the seven-year period of 2000-2007, covering just about everything out there in one large book.

Erudite, entertaining, and a pleasure to read, this tome is bound to be the reference for distilled spirits for years to come. The book offers a tasting guide that is exhaustive, and covers most, if not all of the brands you will encounter in a any liquor store – I don’t care how big it is.

All that being said, check my Choosing a Spiritual Advisor then look over the reviews to see if you agree with Paul. If you agree with most of his opinions, great, buy the book and better yet, subscribe to hisnewsletter for timely reviews also. Both the book and the newsletter are much cheaper than some of the mistakes you can make without them!

You can buy the book either on Amazon (see above) or if you would like an autographed copy, contact Paul directly (see below). If you live in New York State (and can’t get it shipped somewhere else) you can’t order it directly from the Spirit Journal. There is, however, the option of an autographed bookplate you can add to the book from Mr Pacult.

Mr. Pacult is the author of several books including American Still Life, A Double Scotch among, others, the editor of the Spirits Journal and holds educational seminars about wine and spirits at select venues.

Please check out his website at

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