Luscious Liqueurs

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Stop bitching about the commercial liqueurs and make our own quality liqueurs.

TITLE: Luscious Liqueurs
SUBTITLE: 50 Recipes for Sublime and Spirited Infusions to Sip and Savor
AUTHOR : A.J Rathbun
PUBLISHERHarvard Common Press, 96 pages illustrated
COST: $ 12.95*
TYPE: Recipes on how to make ingredients (not cocktails)
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson,

 A.J. Rathbun is an author of a number of books on mixology – some of which will be reviewed here on Booze Books shortly. His webpage is here and has more info and drink suggestions.

This is definitely one of the few recipe books for creating good liqueuers I have found recently. A lot of them frankly are older and weren’t very great – this one is a refreshing change full of easy -to-follow directions and yielding tasty results. Some recipes are fruity (“Blood Orange’s Revenge”), some are nutty and spicey (“The Hot Horse”), others are exotic (“The Lebaoku”). It also has a good variety of recipes from the common to “un-,” allowing you to give “explore” the topic, as it were.

Good pointers on techniques, glassware (both storage and drinking), fruit, spices and other ingredients make for a overall recipe for success.

Nuts and Bolts: The artfully done photographs show you what the finished product should look like in many cases, so you compare your efforts.


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