Modern Moonshine Techniques

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Much cheaper than the hospital bill you might get if you don’t buy this book

TITLE: Modern Moonshine Techniques
Author: Bill Owens
PUBLISHER: White Mule Press, paperback, 93 pages
COST: $67.50 US
TYPE: Reference
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson,


A well written and easy-to-follow illustrated book on modern moonshining and how to do it in step-by-step instructions.

The book includes chapters on history of moonshine, all the steps in the the distilling process , equipment building. Also included in the appendices are very helpful resources on both equipment and information on the next possible step for a moonshiner- how to do it legally without (necessarily) going broke or going to jail.

Some may find the book a bit pricey, but compared to the costs of the many potential mistakes and pitfalls (like going blind or otherwise ending up in the hospital with multiple poisoning problems among other things) the wealth of knowledge presented in this book is downright cheap. If you are serious about trying home distillation of alcohol, buy this book and skip over a lot of the dross that has been published on the subject of questionable detail and veracity.

Part of a planned series of books that are being either edited or written by Mr. Owens.

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