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Alcohol Free but somehow still tasty drinks.

TITLE: Preggatinis 
SUBTITLE: Mixology for the Mom-to-Be
AUTHOR: Natalie Bovis-Nelsen The Liquid Muse
PUBLISHER: Globe Pequot Press, 150 pages
TYPE: Drinks Recipes – Non-Alcoholic
COST: $16.95
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson,

Normally I wouldn’t bother covering a non-alcoholic drinks book (I don’t want to encourage their spread) but I am making an exception in this case because it was written with pregnancy in mind rather than some Facist/Prohibitionist agenda. Natalie does a very creative job creating excellent cocktails to lessen the suffering of pregnant women who are craving real cocktails.

The book features 75 recipes with ingredients, directions, etc. all of which are quite good and inventive. They not only taste good but are pleasing to the eye. One of the best books on non-alcoholic cocktails out there.

As a bonus, there is a fair amount of pregnancy affirmations in there for people who like that kind of thing, which also makes it a great gift for a baby shower- just jot a couple of the recipes down beforehand so you can hand the mother to be one (or several) of these cocktails during the shower- she’ll probaly need them by then!

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