Preventing Internal Theft A Bar Owners Manual

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How to keep that bunch of pirates you employ from making more money than you.

TITLE: Preventing Internal Theft
SUBTITLE: A Bar Owners Manual
AUTHOR: Robert Plotkin
PUBLISHER: BarMedia, 96 pages
COST: $24.95 US
TYPE: Reference
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson,


A lot of people think of bartending as something you do as a college student or something you do as casual employee. Not so. Today bartending and managing a bar with all the associated fiscal and legal responsibilities is becoming about as complex and fraught as running a skydiving school. It’s not just about how to mix a drink but how to avoid or survive the potential legal consequences and turn a profit.
Part of a series of books authored by Mr. Plotkin on how to run a bar or restaurant and not go broke in the process.

Others of his books of a similar nature are: The Beverage Operators Survival GuideThe Professional Bartenders Training Manual, and Successful Beverage Management.

This book specializes in the challenges of how to keep from being robbed blind by your employees – and minimize your losses and maximize your profit margins. A very well and thoughtfully laid manual on how to put internal controls in from beginning to end to that will minimize the temptation and opportunities for internal theft. Utilizing a step by step approach of how, why, where, and what to do about it this book explains why theft happens, how (with specifics) it happens so you can spot it, and what policies and procedures you can put in place to not only control theft but retain staff who feel less inclined to do so.

A very readable, practical guide, that has very specific step-by-step strategies (with the underlying reasoning) along with philosophy and matters to consider to make yours the best bar possible both for the owners and staff. Well done!

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