Shaken NOT Stirred , A Celebration of the Martini

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Celebrate with martinis before,during and after reading.

TITLE: Shaken NOT Stirred
SUBTITLE: A Celebration of the Martini
AUTHORS: Anastasia R. Miller & Jared M. Brown
PUBLISHER: Harper Collins 1997, 160 pages
COST: $7.70 U.S.
TYPE: Reference / Recipes
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson,


Unlike Shaken and Stirred, Shaken Not Stirred has a narrow but deep concentration on Martinis- gin and (shudder) vodka martinis. There are over 200 martini recipes and several indexes. It also contains a trove of information on many aspects of “martini culture.” A must-have reference, especially for the recipes.

Its small size and cheapness also has much to recommend it- easier to carry than those fancy coffee table sized books when you are going out and want to remember something and cheap enough to take with you. A martini book is like a handgun- if it is too large and heavy, you will leave it at home and you won’t have it when you need it.

That being said, it is somewhat dated, having come out in 1997 – many bars in the directory are gone, many new ones have sprung up, and the gin and vodka selections are much wider today.

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