STEAMDRUNKS – 101 Steampunk Cocktails & Mixed Drinks

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Possibly one of the best cocktail books on early or Victorian period cocktails with modern day advice/updates on how to make them which makes it a singular joy to read and more importantly, use.

Subtitle :101 Steampunk Cocktails and Mixed Drinks
Author : Chris-Rachael Oseland
Publisher: Self Published
Type: Recipes ( Early/Victorian period)
Binding:  Softcove r, 152 pages, 12mo 

Notes: This is probably not the book you are thinking about by the title. As the author says ( if you pick up the book and actually read intro ) this book is not an endless parade of  absinthe and gin, which, while we are wholehearted enthusiasts of these subtle poisons, and welcome recipes and insights, we find this book is much better and varied than we could have imagined.
It is essentially a very well chosen compendium of recipes from the (roughly) Victorian Era with some wonderfully acidic commentary and modern tips/updates. What makes this book great ( if not possibly epic) is again the modern commentary and updates so you actually can easily make all those wonderful recipes without any background in mixology . All of the recipes are more or less dead simple and do not require a lot of exotic and/or expensive ingredients to pull off successfully.It IS a lovely mix of period cocktails including some more exotic or esoteric ( to some anyway) cocktails such as milk,egg, and tea cocktails along with rums, whiskies,gin, and of course absinthe. Included are things like flips, shrubs,bounces etc., that shows a fine sensibility in choosing them for inclusion.

Final Thoughts: While geared ( no pun intended) to a Steam Punk audience, this is an extremely worthy book for ANYONE who wishes to explore older, classic (maybe historical – pre prohibition anyway) cocktails. An invaluable guide with the updated directions make recreating these cocktails a snap. Beats the hell out of getting a reprint of a period cocktail book and trying to figure it out yourself unless you are well versed in such thing. Book is available in either print form or on a kindle ( which with the right case is more spill proof).

Her personal cooking and food website with awesome and delectable strangess  and a store link to buy her other books. None of which we have reviewed ( at least yet) but seem highly amusing given their subject matter and the prose and commentaries we have read in this book

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