The Craft of the Cocktail Deck

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The Flash Card Version of The Craft of The Cocktail Book

TITLE: The Craft of the Cocktail Deck 
SUBTITLE: Artful Tips and Delicious Recipes for Serving Masterful Cocktails
AUTHOR: Dale Degroff
PUBLISHER: Clarkson Potter (Random House) 50 Cards
TYPE: Drinks Recipes
COST: $12.10
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson,


Think of this as the “short attention span” version of the Craft of the Cocktailbook. Box is heavy pasteboard construction with flip top containing 50 recipe cards, indexed and tabbed as to type, making them easy-to-find. Most with a picture of the finished drink and recipes with ingredients, directions, etc., on the other side. Also there a accordian foldout piece with good tips, techniques and advice on how to make and present the drinks.

A nice start before you before you buy and read, (and then practice) Dale’s other soon to be classic books: The Essential CocktailThe Art of Mixing Perfect Drinks a precis on how to do the included cocktails properly and artfully, and his original work Craft of the Cocktail (in book form, that is. . .).

The cards are durable, easy to access/find recipes and take up very little space. Also, their protective box keeps them safe in your bar area and less likely to get trashed. A great starter set of drinks recipes and a handy reference to keep on your bar. It’s nice because you can let people flip through them and again not worry as much as if you were handing them a book.

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