The Essential Guide to Scotch Whisky

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TITLE: The Essential Guide to Scotch Whisky
EDITOR: Unknown
PUBLISHERScotch Whisky Resources
TYPE: Reference, Ebook
COST: $30.00 U.S. (approx)
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson,


This is our first review (or even reading) of a downloadable Electronic Book, or Ebook as they are more commonly known. Being a bit of a Luddite (and a
rare book dealer- although many may find the two interchangeable), I’ve never downloaded or read one before.It was actually quite simple and a copy is
now ensconced on my hard drive for quick reference both in ease of proximity and search. I have to grudgingly admit it is a wonderful thing (even for a bibliophile).

As to the actual content of the Ebook, it was designed for the novice and/orbeginner but contains a wealth of informational and technical detail that will
appeal someone much more experienced also. Well thought out, nicely illustrated, and well written in a clear straightforward manner and laid out in a
concise manner.

Unlike a lot of information about whisky on the web this information was thoroughly vetted (checked) and accurate. Chock full of very useful details that are usually only found in more specialized books on the subject at a far greater cost yet entertainingly readable and understandable.

Another wonderful feature not found in a print book is the link to 127 distilleries, their products, and a exhaustive amount of information on each.

There are also printable tasting mats for tastings and a number of other useful features. All in all, a worthy effort and a good addition to your library and computer.

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