The Professional Bartender’s Training Manual

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An excellent reference on the nuts and bolts of how to be a bartender and a very practical training manual.

TITLE: The Professional Bartender’s Training Manual
Author: Robert Plotkin
PUBLISHER: BarMedia, 44 pages (3rd ed.)
COST: $14.95 US
TYPE: Drinks recipes and Reference
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson,

A lot of people think of bartending as something you do as a college student or something you do as casual employee. Not so. Today bartending (and all the associated fiscal and legal responsibitlites) is becoming more complex. It’s not just about how to mix a drink.

Part of a series of books authored by Mr. Plotkin on how to run a bar or restaurant and not go broke in the process. Other books of a similar nature are:Preventing Internal TheftThe Beverage Operator’s Survival Guide, and Successful Beverage Management.

This book is a wonderful primer on the subject from orientation, preparing the glassware and materials, mixing drinks then cusomer service and how to handle the money afterwards. An excellent starter for people who want to learn bartender and get their feet (or hands in this case) wet.

Also interesting read for the casual student of bartending or someone who wants to learn just what it is about (such as anyone who wants to write a believable novel). Plotkin also offers a downloadable version on his website for a little less money.

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